The Making of Delaware One Day At A

This book provides a unique glimpse of this
state's history and the contributing role it
has played in developing our nation. Mr.
Muhammad has captured the historical
essence of "The First State" in a way that
should enlighten anyone who reads this
important work. Every Delawarean and
would-be Delawarean should have this
book in their collection.
About Our Business

 Delaware History Books, a 5 year old entity of Cards By
is an inspired effort by Abdullah R. Muhammad, a
retired educator from Queens, NY and Baltimore, MD. Mr.
Muhammad was inspired and motivated to write about
Delaware's history, because he found that there was little
interest and little knowledge among his high school students for
this state's pivotal and pacesetting history.  
 In an effort to make students, life-long residents, new
residents, as well as visitors more aware of Delaware's glorious
history that has earned it such notable nick-names as
Diamond State", "Small wonder", "Corporate Capital", "Uncle
Sam's Pocket Handkerchief"
, "The Peach State", "The
Chemical Capital"
, and "The First State" (to name a few); he
decided to write the history in a narrative form of a diary to
engage the reader's interest.  His goal was to relate the history
in a way that would be easy for the most novice of readers and,
at the same time, engaging and challenging for more advanced
readers and researchers.  
His first effort was a history calendar,
"Delaware History
Calendar 2007 -2012,"
which listed one significant historical fact
for each day of the calendar year. In addition to those facts for
each day, he meticulously selected and photographed vivid
color scenes and locations to help that history come alive.
Furthermore, he used the back cover of the calendar to list all
of Delaware's statistical facts to help identify this state to all
interested readers. As a result, his calendar became the
#1-selling calendar in the state in approximately 60 days.  
Coming on the heels of that well-received work is his
long-awaited book,
"The Making of Delaware One Day At A
 After nearly 4 1/2 years of dedicated and prodding
research, our newest book,
Africans in New Sweden:
The Untold Story
is now available. This book takes an
indept look into the role of Africans in the formation of
America's first colonies.
Getting to know Delaware...one day at a time!
1608 - 2007
Delaware History Books
The Untold Story