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"The Making of Delaware One Day At A Time"
The first in a series of books on Delaware to come, The
Making of Delaware One Day At A Time,
is an easy-to-read
comprehensive look at history-making events and people
from 1608 to 2007. This book gives brief, yet concise facts
about the most important events and people that shaped
this state. Not only does it give a daily look at Delaware's
history for each day of the year, but also it gives a time-
line look at the history as it unfolds from year to year,
starting in 1608. The highlights of this book includes:
Over 1,000 concise historical facts about Delaware
Over 130 beautifully-detailed photos and illustrations
Over 480 helpful reference notes for detailed study
A bibliography of over 100 books, periodicals,
newspaper articles, diaries, internet sites, journals,
and meeting notes
An alphabetical index for easy fact-finding
Getting to know day at a time!
1608 - 2007
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New Sweden: The Untold Story"
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copy, do you have yours?
Thank you Delaware for making
my book the #1 selling history
book in the state since 2008!